100% of every rider raised dollar goes directly to cancer research and care

where the money goes

Born in 2007, Ride Cincinnati’s objective is to become the leading grassroots organization funding cancer research and care in Greater Cincinnati. 100% of every rider-raised dollar goes directly to life-saving cancer research and care right here in our community.

Shared Mission

Ride Cincinnati is committed to raising as much money as possible to directly impact quality cancer research and cancer care throughout Greater Cincinnati. For years, the Ride has supported research efforts at the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center and impacted the care for patients at The Barrett Cancer Center. Since 2018, thanks to the generosity of funding partners, 100% of all Rider-raised fundraising has gone directly to cancer research. Achieving the 100% standard remains our goal for this year and all years going forward. It is a primary objective of Ride Cincinnati to elevate cancer research as well as cancer care in the Greater Cincinnati region. We are focused on this mission so that patients no longer need to travel outside our community to receive the care they deserve. With this objective paramount, in 2019 we extended Ride Cincinnati funding to other quality cancer programs for the very first time. Proceeds from riders who sign up to participate on teams formed by Greater Cincinnati health care systems can be directed to those health systems for use in cancer research and/or care. We believe this expanded platform, driven by our partners' active participation, will result in greater fundraising to further support our shared mission. We look forward to sharing with you what your fundraising accomplishes as the money is invested in our mission. Thank you for your support of Ride Cincinnati.